Anis Mojgani

At the Humphrey Bogart movie

There is the sound of a car off camera pulling up to the stone mansion to pick Bogie up. Bogie goes to leave but before he does he turns back to say something
to the woman in the white dress. He looks into the camera, staring out at us, and says:
All the raisins, all the grapes.
All the songs.

And even though there is a movie house full of people
Humphrey Bogart is talking directly to you.
Then he grabs his hat, turns
and with his coat over his arm
runs out the front door
leaving the audience
sitting in a curious
confusion as to what he meant.
I alone understand his words.
Like it was the light of the sun
I know what he means –
holding on to your hand
for the rest of the movie
and for all the long walk home.

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