Anis Mojgani

The airplane police or How I met my wife
I’m sitting on the plane when two men in long grey overcoats and dark fedoras come up to the man sitting across the aisle from me. They look like stereotypes
from G-Men or an episode of Dragnet. They ask the man Are you Harold Baumkin?
He says yes and asks what this is all about. They ask him to come with them.
He asks to finish his drink. It looks like it is ginger ale. They say ok.
While he drinks it they turn and look at me.
How are you today sir? they ask.
O fine I answer.
What are you reading there?
The Winding Bird Chronicles.
By Murakami one of them says.
Yes I answer.
I was telling you about that one he says to his partner.
Oh yes I remember his partner says back.
By this time Harold has long since finished his drink and says Gentlemen.
He gets up and hands to me a piece of folded paper. Could you give this to my wife when she wakes up? Certainly I say. Thank you. The men in the overcoats
nod their heads to me, and the three of them walk down the aisle. They take Harold into a room on the plane I’ve never seen before and shut the door behind
them. The door has an actual doorknob on it. Everyone else on the plane is asleep. I look over at Harold’s wife. Her head lays crooked on her shoulder.
She has blonde hair and looks sort of like a girl I knew in high school.

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