Editor-in-Chief: Dan Leamen


Dan Leamen holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. He has
read poetry at over 200 venues in the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Germany,
been a member of 4 national slam poetry teams, and placed 5th at the 2007 Individual
World Poetry Slam. In 2006 he won a Nebraska Book Award for his work as an editor
on the anthology Slamma Lamma Ding Dong. Currently, Dan lives in Glasgow, Scotland
where he is studying for his MSc in English Language and Linguistics.

Managing Editor: Grace Procopio


Grace Procopio is currently completing her B. A. in Philosophy, with a specific interest
in the philosophy of art and creativity, at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow,
Scotland. Grace has also studied theater and acting at Acting Coach Scotland.

Copy Chief: Chaviva Gordon-Bennett


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett has managed two countries, 13 cities, and 21 addresses in her
nearly 30 years. She currently hails from Jerusalem, where she uses her social media and
storytelling prowess to create communities and change the world. You can find her on
Twitter @TheChaviva and read her musings at