Shawnte Orion

Sincerest Form of Rejection
Dear Anyjournal Review:
Thank you for the recent subscription offer.
I appreciated the opportunity
to order at a discounted rate.
Be assured that it has received
careful consideration and was reviewed
with great interest. However,
I regret to inform you that it does not suit
my current reading needs,
so I must decide against subscribing.
Do not be discouraged. This rejection
doesn’t necessarily reflect a lack of quality.
You were close. I receive hundreds
of impressive subscription offers
each month and can only subscribe
to less than four percent of those publications.
Competition is keen. You were not close enough.
Please note that I do not wish to receive
further subscription offers from your publication
until at least eighteen months have passed.
If you are unfamiliar with my tastes,
you may want to order one of my chapbooks
or request a few sample poems
with a self-addressed stamped envelope
to see the kind of work I prefer.
Unfortunately, the volume of offers I receive
prevents me from responding personally. Best of luck
in finding a subscriber elsewhere.

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